Hi, company manager!

We are glad that you have visited this section - it shows that you are not standing in one place and are searching for ways to manage your business even more efficiently. We are with you!

We have been working shoulder to shoulder with businesses and their executives from various fields for more than 10 years. Some of them are market leaders and innovators, others barely make ends meet and can’t catch up with competition. Why isn't every business successful? There is probably no one right answer, but in our experience we have noticed the attribute that unites almost all successful companies - efficiently managed business processes (accounting is one of them). The productivity of such companies is significantly higher because of the time saved by saying goodbye to unnecessary processes and devoting time to product development, focus on customers and employees.

Through our rich work experience, we have seen, analyzed and reconstructed many business processes. We can surely say that we know what works in a given situation and what doesn’t. Want to work more efficiently? It is usually not worth reinventing the wheel: efficient, effective and time-tested processes can also be implemented in your business. As former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn* said -

 Synergies are not just about reducing costs. Synergies can mean market access, product exchange, avoidance of overlaps or sharing of best practices. 
* Carlos Ghosn is being searched for accounting forgery, but we’ll talk about it next time. 

Sometimes such implementations can radically change the daily routine of a business, but to be successful, you must first dare – are we right?

We have prepared this section to share best practices, business tools and examples from the various business areas we encounter in our work. We hope that by reading these tips you will be able to apply at least part of it to your business. We will keep adding to this section, so come visit it more often.

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For those planning to start their own business, the natural question is, which type of business - MB or UAB - to choose?

Frankly, in our view, there is no significant difference in tax or accounting complexity. As everywhere in life, there are certain nuances here, so we invite you to read about them in our prepared review  UAB or MB: which business type to choose?

No matter how you decide, our team will take care of the accounting professionally, and all you will have to do is to take care of the value-creating product or service.


It’s no secret that one of the indicators of a financially healthy company is good cash flow management, which is why efficient collection of money from customers is crucial. By quickly collecting payments from customers, companies reduce the need for external financing and thus reduce their costs. On the RoboLabs platform, we have developed and implemented several technological solutions that help to collect payments from customers as quickly as possible:

  • Payment initiation integration with Neopay. "Pay Now" button - one, two and paid!
  • Automatic payment reminders for customers. In cases where the invoices sent for the first time "were not received"..
  • E.invoices. Electronic invoices that instantly debit funds directly from the customer's bank account (Yes yes, you read that correctly!).

Read more about these tools in our review Five Technological Solutions for More Efficient Money Collection.

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We look forward to your comments or questions about streamlining business management processes, which you would like to be reviewed in the RoboLabs for Business section. We are waiting for the letter !