We, the RoboLabs team, believe that accounting can be made much simpler than what it is now!

We challenge the current rules: using artificial intelligence and other modern technologies we're trying to revolutionize accounting. In order to succeed we need your help. So if you're ready to step forward - don't hesitate and contact us!

Open positions
RoboLabs team having fun playing drums
Part of the RoboLabs team in a conference
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A moment from the RoboLabs summer party 2020

What do we offer?

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Trust and help

We trust our employees that is why we try not to manage but lead them to success. Our employees are able to work flexible hours. We prioritize work achievements over the way that work is meant to be done.

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Great environment

We believe that a great environment leads to even greater results. We have just moved to a new office in the Vilnius city centre. Our employees use the latest technologies. We believe in sustainability by that is why all our documents are digital.

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Culture that encourages growth

Our business strategy follows a model of constant improvement. We're trying to become professionals in our area and are encouraging the growth of our employees. We're constantly investing in the training programs of our employees. We provide good quality products for our employees to use in order to boost their growth.

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Possibilities to earn more

We share our profits with our employees and allow them to specify when and how much they want to work. Allowing people to really be themselves and perform in an environment best suited for them yields great results.

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No corporate nonsense

Even if our growth is as fast as a rocket flying to the moon, we try our best to keep the teamwork going and not to become a big bureaucracy machine.

Open positions

Did not find a suitable position? Contact us at and tell us your story.