Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is RoboLabs?

RoboLabs is a continuous-improvement activity based accounting services provider. While at work, we use newest informational technologies to reduce your working costs and eficiently maximize your company‘s financial security and control.

ROBO platform, which we developed in-house and constantly update, is a myth buster against traditional and ineffective accounting. Automated systems reduce chances of human error and easily adapt to your unique business needs. All data is stored in the cloud, which allows for access from any mobile or stationary device anywhere in the world. This way you can control your business processes at your comfort, more securely and freely. ROBO platform is oriented towards company managers, therefore it is an intuitive and simple-to-use system, which does not require a lot of training to start using.

Why you should trust your company‘s accounting with RoboLabs?

By choosing RoboLabs, you get not only professional accounting services, but business management tool as well, which will allow to optimize and simplify internal company processes for a fraction of a price:

  • All primary documents – from receipts to contracts – can be uploaded in any format (pictures included) from any mobile device.
  • Daily processes, such as personnel documentation of business trips or annual vacations, are simplified and managed in the system.
  • No need to deliver paper documents to your accountant. All electronic documents are signed using electronic signature and archived safely in highest-security servers.
  • Invoicing is as simple as possible – both new and current client data is filled automatically.
  • Document list with processing status, links to processed documents and comments of accountant can be find in the ROBO platform.
  • All documents are processed real-time, which allows for the manager to see live financial results in the intuitive reports.
  • RoboLabs system is fully integrated with government institutions, popular banks and payment institutions, cash registers, POS systems, trade portals, e-shop platforms and can be integrated via API with other systems you use.

By using RoboLabs companies not only save time and money, but are also being more advanced, efficient and competitive.

Can ROBO platform be used without our accounting services?

RoboLabs provide full accounting services. If you are a SME with need for internal controller, contact us at to discuss how ROBO platform can be adapted to your business needs.

Is it necessary to have an internal accountant while using RoboLabs services?

No. RoboLabs accountants provide full accounting services. However, sometimes larger companies choose to keep internal financial controller inside the company.

Is all RoboLabs clients' accounting data processed by robots?

Even though most of the repetitive tasks are processed by robots, some of the work requires attention of our professional accountants: while communicating with clients, checking the quality of work processed by robots, tackling more complex tax and accounting questions.

Who can use RoboLabs?

All legal form Lithuanian SMEs can use RoboLabs accounting services, as well as all advantages of ROBO platform.

RoboLabs services are often preferred by foreign capital companies with divisions in Lithuania due to the possibility to monitor financial activities of the company from afar. ROBO platform is also available in English.

How much does RoboLabs accounting and business analytics services cost?

Please contact us at and receive an adapted business offer.

Who are RoboLabs clients?

RoboLabs clients are advanced and innovative SMEs. Over a 500 companies have chosen to use RoboLabs, despite of:

  • Legal status (UAB, VšĮ, MB, and others)
  • Business area (service, retail, wholesale, contruction, production, attorney offices, home communities, horeca and others)
  • Number of employees
  • Type of working schedule
Why is RoboLabs different from other accounting services providers?

RoboLabs motto – modern accounting. We differ from other accounting service providers by our flexibility and speed. We suggest to use RoboLabs system not only for tax and legal purposes, but also as a business analysis tool to improve on KPIs. ROBO platform is available for all company employees, which allows for higher employee engagement, as well as more efficient daily processes.

How much does RoboLabs system updates cost due to tax-related changes in legislation?

All RoboLabs system updates – both related to changes in legislation, as well as updates for system improvement – are free for our clients.

Can RoboLabs fix neglected accounting?

RoboLabs can take over and fix neglected accounting for future clients.

How many company employees can use RoboLabs system?

All company employees are provided with personal login information with different rights. All employees can use electronic requests, follow up on employee advance payments, vacation days, changes in work agreement, payroll history.

Why it is better to choose accounting services provider rather than internal accountant?
  • Reduced costs
  • No need for working space
  • No need to purchase an accounting system
  • Business continuity – accounting services provider is never sick or on vacation, does not quit work
  • Less human error
  • Quicker reaction to changes in legalistation and international requirement
Are RoboLabs services insured?

RoboLabs activity is insured by civil liability insurance for accountants.

When does the company's responsible employee has to submit primary documents to RoboLabs?

All primary documents for current month need to be submitted to RoboLabs accountants no later than 10th day of the following month.

How primary documents are uploaded to RoboLabs system?

All primary documents – from receipts to contracts – can be submitted at your comfort. They can be photographed and uploaded via our app, uploaded using ROBO system on web or sent using specially created, dedicated company’s e-mail address.

We are an international company, is there a possibility to monitor company's financial data from any place in the world in English?

Yes, all data is stored in cloud, therefore can be accessed using any mobile or stationary device anywhere in the world both in English and Lithuanian.

Does RoboLabs provide additional tax-related consultations for its clients?

Yes, RoboLabs can provide financial and legal consultations according to individual business needs. Hourly fees are agreed upon in the agreement.

How to know, whether company's accounting system and business management modules are compatible with RoboLabs system?

RoboLabs išsiskiria ypač lanksčiu prisitaikymu prie klientų naudojamų sistemų. Integracijos skiltyje galite rasti šiuo metu palaikomas integracijas, o už papildomą mokestį galime sukurti naują integraciją specialiai Jums . Taip pat suteikiame galimybę su turima sistema integruotis patiems tiesiogiai per API.

I want to trust my company's accounting with RoboLabs. Where do I start?

Contact us, fill in a questionnaire about your company and receive an offer from us. If agreed with the offer, the contract can be signed either in person in our office or electronically using e-signature.

How is the accountancy data transferred after signing the contract with RoboLabs? How much does it cost?

If you choose our accounting services, accountancy data transfer is provided by us for free. After signing the contract, we contact previous company accountant and take care of all the formalities.

What to do if I need help with using ROBO platform?

Should any questions, regarding accounting, arrise you can contact a dedicated accountant via phone or e-mail. Should any system bugs appear, we kindly ask you to inform us at